Akashic Record Frequently Asked Questions

Akashic Record Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Akashic Records?  

The Akashic "Records" or "Recordings" are everything, in all facets and ways, about you!

According to Wikipedia, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akashic_records):

"The Akashic Records are a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the "past", present or "future" . . ."

I always see and view them as one's "Book of Life"; Wikipedia points to this reference as well.

It is derived from the Sanskrit term akasha, which means sky, aether, space.

To help better explain and how this helps me, is to go back to who you truly are. You are a multi-dimensional spiritual energy, consciousness, spiritual being, divinity, love and light.

You are an Infinite Divine Soul having a human experience.

I see and feel all of us as a many-layered ever encompassing Divinity of Love and Light forever in motion and expanding -- Still an energy field.

The Akashic Records are:

The absolute everything about our "Divinity", our "Energy" field from the time of our individuated creation from Creator, God, Universe.

Every thought, belief, pattern, word spoken, e-motion, action, non-action, who you are at soul level, soul contracts, your life purpose, soul's mission, etc. is "recorded".

Just like what you do when you save your information onto a computer or computer storage device.

Can someone see into my soul or my records?

Not without your permission. It may seem that way sometimes but that is something totally different -- most likely, it is done because they are feeling an energy in them that may match yours. To really see into your soul or access your records, your consent (even at the soul level) is required.

Only you have the password to your records. They are safer than someone trying to get into Fort Knox. It is only by your consent that anyone, including me, can open your records.

How is an Akashic Record Consultation compared to a psychic or intuitive reading? Is the same consent needed?

Have you ever received a psychic or intuitive reading? Though that information is done from a different level and in a different way, your consent is still needed. Your consent allows for the most accurate information and value from them.

An Akashic Record Consultation is no different. For you to receive the most accurate Akashic Record information, it's best to find an Akashic Record reader that is a clear channel, in their true heart (love) space and done in unconditional love as humanly possible.

If comparing to a computer or electronic device: 

A psychic or intuitive reading just shows or tells you what direction to go in or change to make. The reading doesn't make the change or "upgrade". You still need to decide to do so and make the change yourself or find someone to help you with that change.

An Akashic Record Consultation gives you more in-depth information, also in helping with the "upgrade" or "change" (aka the clearing and healing). Some receive the clearing and healing instantly, some need time to process and allow it to integrate.

What do the Akashic Record Beings of Light want for you?

Your Akashic Record Beings of Light (aka your Akashic Record Guides, Lords, Masters, and Teachers) are pure unconditional love and only desire that for you. There is never any judgement. They only offer guidance from pure unconditional love.

What happens during an Akashic Record Consultation? 

If you have ever gotten a psychic or intuitive reading, it is not a different set up.

If not, it would be a lot like when you are speaking with your most confident best friend or talk therapist. The big difference being, I am just translating what your unconditional loving Akashic Record Guides, Lords, Masters, and Teachers have for you.

Due to the powerful healing transformation of working in the Akashic Records, many have received instant healing, while others slowly integrate the healing. Generally both and as you are open and ready to receive.

What type of questions can I ask? 

You can ask ANY and all questions that time will allow. A premade list of questions is not necessary, but if you do, that is great as well. Even yes or no, though they are often prompted with a more detailed explanation or questions to better define the yes or no.

Many of the questions will be centered around why do I have this pain and how do I get free from the pain. These questions will be answered and the answers, clearing and healing will range as to why.

While there are some similarities, you are a unique soul and your journey is just as unique. The answers are never the same, but there is always an answer, clearing, and healing.

It's best to also ask questions pertaining to what do you want to manifest. Such as what can I do to manifest love, a positive outcome, and/or living life to the fullest.

This is especially true in times when you are unsure why you are in pain, or even what the pain is. Sometimes all you know is you don't want to be where you are at or have a desire for a different outcome.

There is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and healing no matter what questions or lack of questions you may have. Come with the intention of receiving and expanding and all will fall into place.

Can working in the Akashics help heal trauma?

Yes. Depending on the trauma, depths of it, and the individual, will depend on how long the healing process takes.  Once light has been brought to the core. And that helps. You still need to decide to bring in the healing and a newer you.  Rewriting the story will be important; also linked to “rewiring” the brain.

You are never alone through this process …

In these cases, I often do a combination of Hypnotherapy and Akashic Records.  However, am guided by you and your Akashic Beings of Light.  Often your Akashic Beings of Light will help greatly to help you to release and bring in the exact healing needed.

Again, depending on the individual, type, and depths of trauma, will depend on how long.  Rest assured, there is healing.  A big key will be for you to be open to receive it.

Are there really Akashic Records for a business?

Yes!  Just like with us personally.  A business is still a soul, an energetic being. Though comprised of many different components. 

Because of so many working parts, it is a heavier energy.  In a positive way. As it is more than just you the individual(s) that it is here to serve.

Some of the components are:

  • Is it owned by just you, a Solopreneur or more than 1 owner/partner
  • Your clients/customers, even vendors
  • Employees
  • The products and/or services you sell, even pricing
  • Systems
  • Marketing/Sales

Just like when getting a personal akashic record consultation, it is better to ask what you are looking to create. Or why that is not happening. There will be guidance by your Business Akashic Record Beings of Light for your best next steps. 

Once brought to the surface, there is a clearing. So the path is cleared to make it easier to move forward.

In the end, we have 100% freewill and you can choose to move forward how you see best.


What is it like to have an Akashic Record Consultation with me?

When you have an Akashic Record Consultation with me, I add in the Angelic Healing Realms as I am directly connected to them. So, the information, clearing, and healing is always delivered in and from the highest healing loving angelic realms and your unconditional loving beings of light (aka Akashic Record Guides, Lords, Masters and Teachers). The information is always only what you allow and are ready for.

Why get an Akashic Record Consultation?

Though it may seem you are limited by "time" and by being in the human body, it's just a confine used while in this human experience. You are a continual ever present, and in the present moment now.

Because of this, whether it is through Forgiveness, Hypnotherapy, "Past Life" Regression, or opening your Akashic Records, you can go to that place in your Divine energy field, change, delete out, and replace with more positive, love, and healing so that YOU and your new timeline going forward is forever changed for a more positive outcome.

In some ways, an Akashic Record Consultation is similar to when you make a change to or upgrade your computer software programs, apps, etc. or fixing an error or "bug"... 

The Akashic Records, being at the highest level of your being and getting to the core the quickest, are one of the single most effective transformational tools that you can use, having permanent positive lasting changes.

They are the biggest and most powerful game changer for me! And how I and my clients in a quicker timeframe have been able to live life to the fullest!

Are you ready for positive healing change that will lead to a quicker way of living life to the fullest?

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